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Hello all, I'm looking for people who have activated their MerKaBa with several lame questions.
How do you determine when it's activated?
Could you feel rotation of star tetrahedrons and how?
Do you feel that your female tetrahedron affected by magnetic fields and male affected by electrical fields (in other words, do you feel your MerKaBa interacts with static and magnetic fields) ?
Could you see something in case if you have extrasensoric vision?

Also I wonder how positioned MerKaBa tetrahedrons in case if one's spine is not straight vertical (for example when one is in bad).
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    Thu, January 11, 2007 - 6:11 PM
    Hey Viktor

    Good work with the Merkaba - did you learn it with an instructor or did you go through the instructions in the book (just curious)

    My experience is that you can feel when the Merkaba is spinning. By constantly giving thought to it and spherically breathing, you are constantly feeding your field.

    Fear colapses the field, so they may help you determine things a bit - not shock, but fear.

    I programmed my Merkaba not to interfere or react with other electromagnetic fields, so if this worries you, then do the same

    Just stay centred, breathe and trust yourself and your experience - after all - you already know this, you are just remembering
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      Fri, January 12, 2007 - 10:52 AM
      Hello all, I'm looking for people who have activated their MerKaBa with several lame questions.
      How do you determine when it's activated?
      at different levels of activation there are different effects, you would have to be more specific.
      Generally, yo know its activated because you travel astrally to a larger echo of your own body,
      or, you arrive in lower tiferet.
      Could you feel rotation of star tetrahedrons and how?
      on some occasions yes, but i'd liken itto feeling ones blood pump, its a subliminal sensation
      which doesn't really effect whats going on.
      Do you feel that your female tetrahedron affected by magnetic fields and male affected by electrical fields (in other words, do you feel your MerKaBa interacts with static and magnetic fields) ?
      this is back to what kind of activation you are talking about. I have experienced electricity as static boundary that i have to pass through
      in order to acheive merkaba.
      Could you see something in case if you have extrasensoric vision?
      the inner vision, or the sight of the nagual self...

      Also I wonder how positioned MerKaBa tetrahedrons in case if one's spine is not straight vertical (for example when one is in bed).

      depending on the situation of the kind of activation, merkaba is the car one uses to climb the tree and isn't dependant in any way
      upon conditions in physical reality;
      allthough also there is a connection there if you are trying to activate the body that you can use the physical levels to try to cue
      the spiritual; but they are not tied together too tightly;
      you can be a twisted lump of a tran wreck of flesh and still activate the merkaba.
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    Sat, January 13, 2007 - 12:30 PM
    I can make a difference between the movement of the star tetrahedrons (in your situation, or any other platonic solid or combination of solids) and the actual merkaba field. I stopped to activate the field in 2002, I had 4 years of activating merkaba. In these years after the last breath of activation I could experience myself as liquid light, loosing any body shape, just a sphere of shining light, this happened every time when activating and spontaneously during the day, usualy two or three times a day for half an hour. Second I felt stimulation of the 3d eye and the heart, as if the third eye was anchored or nested in the heart and a very strong feeling of my own presence but on much wider scale, as if I was without boundaries and limitation, I used these moments and opened my self for inner-lessons or soul-lessons, much information or just a sequences of feelings were in myself.
    I used merkaba to create many programs some of them I regret now but they were valuable experience, the most interesting thing about merkaba was how the field creates realities and why by some programs it shifts me in already created realities or inner perceptions.
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      Tue, January 16, 2007 - 6:04 PM
      that sounds awesome whiterider

      can you speak more on your programming activities? (as in the technique more so then the content)

      I am loving the eloquence of your experience

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        Fri, January 19, 2007 - 10:50 AM
        I will step right into the ways I activated my merkaba and what were part of the programs.
        First a little background information. Before starting the real activation in 1998 I did 3 months the first 6 breaths only and 3 months the first 14 breaths. Cleansing the electromagnetic fields was essential for me, not that I felt some very big problems with them but to really integrate them around my phisical body and to learn how to feel them and how do they react to energy (mostly when I felt emotionaly attached to something or I was in heavy mental process, I felt them sometimes shrink, expand, pulse, change their colors - yes, I could "see" color light sometimes). When sitting in the shallow breaths (the breaths between the 14th and 15th breath) I could infuse the tetrahedrons with love and also feel why some areas of them rejected the love or were somehow empty. With every feeling I asked menthaly what was the problem and the fields responded to me. The cure was to surrender to the love and just to allow. The blockage was another emotion that had to "opened" to the love and in this way transformed. Sometimes I could feel fear in my fields and centered in my heart I conected this area or feeling with the heart and just surrender and allow.

        So after 6 months I actually spinned the fields, very intense and shaking experience, fastening the emotions and the thoughts in me. It was like turning on the cinema device and the film was projected on the screen. All kind of emotions rised, but it was in no way confusing, it was just speeded up and make the process of transformation more interesting for me. Another 2-3 months passed in making myself whole or reconecting the fragments in one.

        The first programm I made was somehow infused in me. Or better to say I was directed to do it. It was a programm for one briefly known man to me to be healthy. He had heart problems and in meditation I was directed to hold him in my view, to feel the spinning tetrahedrons and the merkaba field and to start thinking (but it wasnt thinking in the normal way, it was as all voices in your head unite and you have only one wave, layer or whatever in yourself, totaly centered and all-encompassing. And I just said a few times "This man IS healty, This man IS in perfect health, This man has no health problems and this IS the reality". And I felt very powerfull energy to swirl around me. Nothing leaved me, no energy was directed to him, nothing. Just a silent pulse in the field and white light forming and repeating the words and their meaning. After one week I was directed again to think about this man and with my inner vision I had a glimpse for 2-3 seconds what is he doing in the moment and I saw some very clear image to replace and to anchor around him, an image of him shining and full of strenght. In few days I asked a friend of mine that is more close to this man how is he feeling, and he told me that his last medicine results show very good improvment and it wasnt caused by his medicine, because he takes the same kind of pills for years. More than year I asked how is he and the answer from my friend was always the same, the man that had hearth problems has stopped his pills, goes frequently to doctors exam but he has got rid of the pain and the problem (I am not interested in medicine and I dont care about the diagnosis so I havent asked what was his, more important for me was that the problem was gone). I had a dream with this man in 2 months and he just said thank you (I had other dreams in the next year meeting people from the real life in them and leading some conversations with them, and I was feeling myself uncomfortable in this dreams because they were pointing to my personality when saying thank you or wanting something from me, and in this first dream I havent felt at all personification, only a pure thank you without mind, without any processing).

        The next few programs I made were again for health problems. My sister was diagnosed with herpes zoster on her leg (this is very painfull skin rash that resolves in a month or so and the doctor gave to her only zink smear to put on it. Again I went into meditation, felt the tetrahedrons, the merkaba field, my heart and again I was so centered that every aspect of myself was one and unite. And I just said "My sister IS in perfect health, My sister has no skin problems, My sister has no herpes zoster. The herpes zoster that was until that moment on my sister's leg is shrinking, gone and desapears in this instant." And so on. You can notice again the way of affirmation - you say something as reality, you say and intent that what you want to achieve is already here. And you dwell deeper and deeper with your feeling in the now moment, concentrate more and more clearly into your center of space and time. On the next morning my sister had some empty skin bubble on her leg and no pain at all. She went to the doctor and he said that probably this wasnt herpes zoster because there is no way to be healed in one day but he had no idea why my sister felt so much pain on the skin.

        I made programs for my study too. They sounded like this "I have perfect photographic memory and I can memorize everything I read and learn with easyness". Again you have to be united with the merkaba field, heart, love, intention in the present moment.

        I learned through these programs that they need time to realize and this time depends only on the strenght of the intention and how centered I am in this moment. If you just day-dream the intention or it is clouded in the imagination it could take months for manifastation and it will be very weak.

        I tried to make programs that not only affect the 3d or the material world. I wanted to experience some kind of things during dreaming or in meditation, like I want to go into the shamballa ashram or the seventh ray ashram or to travel with my conscuesness in the light grids of the earth. This kind of programs needed about one week to happen and it doesnt matter if they were only about me or about someone else.

        Other set of programs you can make for yourself is
        I am unaffected by all energies that are not for my highest good and are not from love.
        I am unaffected by all other merkaba programs that do not come from my higher self or monad (this includes all other people that try to affect me through their merkaba programs)
        My merkaba field is not affected by the collapsing of the earth or solar merkaba.
        I channel only the highest possible for me energy
        My energy field is not affected by any and all astral enteties and astral energies
        My energy field is not affected by and and all mental and psychic energies that want to control me in some way

        Most of the programs and the intentions came from my higher self during meditation after the 17th breath. I was focused in my heart and feeling my 3d eye and just listening, seeing, smelling ( :-) ), feeling my heart and I was innerly open for soul lessons. And the ideas came very easy. I tried to disconect from my personal wishes (not always, sometimes I asked how to do something or what to do in this situation and waited for an answer).

        Lqter when I learned how to activate more energy fields around me, the programming was always the same:
        Feeling and uniting with the energy fields that spinned around me (dont forget the static ones too)
        Feeling the field from light around my body
        Centered in the heart and just allow the love to shine in all direction and to be in that love space or love light sparkiling
        Feeling the conection in the prana channel, mainly the upper chakras, for different programs different feelings were in me, 8th chakra, 3d eye, crown or combination of them.
        And than intention - always in present form "IS" - as this already has happened and I witness it
        Leaving time for expansion of the intention through my field.

        *** Removing Programs
        Again all previous steps, and focusing what I want to remove like effect from my merkaba. I could always see and feel the exact thing I visualized, felt or saw during the period I did the program. If in that time I was with eyes open, when I wanted to remove the program I could see in myself the exact things I saw during the programming, as if merkaba has stored every detail in and around me with the intetnion. I was "told" or taught that every program is actualy a part of yourself. When you make a program for health for someone else, part of your field turns into health for this man. And again with intention I just say that this program is deleted or erased, or ask my higher self to delete this intention and merkaba program. And in one instant every detail I see or feel is gone as with the effect.
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          Mon, January 22, 2007 - 5:17 PM
          thanks WhiteRider - both inspiring and informative

          Have you done 'Living in the Heart' workshop - it sounds like it would be right up your alley - my husband and I went to Colorado a couple of years ago and did it with Drunvalo - as life changing as the original learnings of the Merkaba

          Do you still do the Merkaba? and if so, what are your thoughts on the permanent, living field.

          So great to exchange ideas - thanks again

        • if i may, so humbly suggest, .....

          Wed, February 14, 2007 - 2:56 PM
          what is spoken to here, in specifics
          is spoken through out the numbers of we
          light players
          upon our earth school
          each from within their own divinity

          regardless of the branch of focus
          as we herein
          with the Merkaba
          there are many
          who experience said
          in ways specific to them....

          still, ALL
          in ONE

          a visit to "" for example
          may shine light
          on all of we
          living life
          by the light
          of truth
          our divinity

          blessed be
          all of we
          angels divine
          within the embracing light of
          peaceful loving serenity,
          radiate soul light
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    Wed, January 24, 2007 - 10:01 PM
    i found drunvalo's books after an acute peak experience involving numerology which led me to Sacred Geometry which led me to a spiritual book storeperson who suggested his Flower of Life "volumes" as the most currently popular resource for SG. i have been practicing a somewhat altered version of the 17 breath technique for about 2 n' ahalf years now.

    >>>"How do you determine when it's activated?"

    i feel that it is always activated and the meditation is just a process of opening my senses to it's active presence and my ability to affect it's activities.

    >>>"Could you feel rotation of star tetrahedrons and how?"

    yes. i feel this as subtle-similar to the sensation felt in a moving elevator... tho obviously more circular than linear. or on a more localized scal when i'm on a bus. also rotating from the waist up in progressively smaller circles until the perception of motion becomes entirely internal is a pretty good aproximation as well.

    >>>"Do you feel that your female tetrahedron affected by magnetic fields and male affected by electrical fields"

    that's an interesting way to conceptualize it... though i can't say that i 'feel' that way.

    >>>"Could you see something in case if you have extrasensoric vision? "

    i don't understand this question.

    >>>"Also I wonder how positioned MerKaBa tetrahedrons in case if one's spine is not straight vertical"

    though i'm not sure if the position really matters all that much, i position them in relation to points on my body rather than any points on the earth body.

    my first few months of practice were mostly dedicated to the process of each breath. i enjoyed it once or twice a day with some periods of discontinued practice. after a time i began to developed a much more pronounced connection to my inner highest voice. i also became much more concious of 'mother natures' voice. at this point i began to practice it daily and setting programs/intentions. it's been a fantastic creative/logic lift for me. and my most interesting experience so far has been a conversation with my higher self voice and my mother voice which led to a stunning lottery winning synchronicity.

    merkaba has been an incredible tool in the often shifty dimensions of my day to day world. and a terrific companion to my number one technique, vipassana.

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    Tue, January 30, 2007 - 7:13 PM
    Something very strange happened to me and I think that sharing this experience might help you and others. First of all, it seems to me that we already know everything on a subconscious level. Second, if there is anything that we desire that we don't have, it is probable that part of our consciousness is keeping it from the other part of consciousness so that we may evolve this experience. With that in mind, you will notice that the merkaba meditation is 18 breaths of which 17 are taught. This is because one must make a connection with the high self before obtaining tools for ascension. It seems to me that this is the design so that we may all ascend together. Before ever hearing of the flower of life or the merkaba, I had read through some quantum theory. I found that the past is deterministic (meaning that it can't be changed, but can be observed) and the future probabilistic (meaning that it can be changed, but can't be observed). Herein lies the secret of a feedback loop. If you can imagine anything, it takes form in another dimension, the more one lines up with that energy, the more probable it is that the energy will manifest, especially when strengthened with the alpha (thinking), beta (visualizing), and theta (feeling) minds. When the minds are aligned for a single purpose, the universe rushes the order. If what one thinks about has a connection to the divine, then it is not bound by space or time. Knowing that, if one recognizes that they at some time in the future either connects to the divine or, rather, one realizes their connection to the divine, they then create a feedback loop whereas the high self (connected one) can resonate with them in the present moment. This understanding led me to release into it using the breath. My experience revolved around allowing my high self to locate in my heart. In doing so, I was led down a breathing adventure so to speak. I listened to my body and moved the direction it told me to. The result was my breath seemingly turned inside out and was released. At that point, I no longer had to breath, but rather just thought of a full breath and my body moved to make it happen. I later found out that I had received the first fourteen breaths of the merkaba meditation. This was May 2006, I have since discovered the merkaba meditation and have had a friend who has taken the workshop teach it to me. I have also tried many different variations that I found and after completing the first 17 breaths waited for the 18th. The 18th breath would come, but I would not feel the charge that I had felt previously. This had led me to spend some time in contemplation and here is my understanding as of yet. It is far more important to connect with the high self. The high self has the ability to guide one into spaces that allow focus, love, intention, will, and understanding to charge the merkaba. Without a good charge, the merkaba is like a car without gas. Great for coasting downhill, but ain't gonna take you nowhere you aren't gonna roll anyways. You may be activating your merkaba and you may not be, but unless it is charged, it will be difficult to know. I hope that this helps to guide you to achieving all that you desire.

    Love and light continues to expand (y)our Creation,

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      Wed, January 31, 2007 - 6:35 PM
      WOW - so are you saying that the 'charge' is combination of thinking, visualising and feeling?

      it's been so great reading everything on this thread. I am currently watching the original 33 hours of FOL given by Drunvalo (back in the early 90's) - its really interesting and hearing what's been going on for you guys really expands it all

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      Thu, February 15, 2007 - 12:35 PM
      the 18th breath will no longer take you phisicaly somewhere else because after a sertain point in 2002-2004 (dont know exactly when) the oversoul levels were anchored in earth and we can act fully multidimensionaly still in body. after that point no matter how you speed your merkaba over the speed of light but beneath the speed of the galactic core, you will be still here. the 18th breath is not only activation of other platonic solids into merkaba, but also establishing a permanent prana breathing in one of the higher centers (throat, 3d eye, crown, soul star). this was a part of long teaching with melhizedek and melchior (universal and galactic logoi).
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    Sat, December 3, 2011 - 11:59 AM
    My personal truth about the Merkaba. This was the most mind blowing experience I have ever had. It had such a profound and life changing impact on me that it took me 2 years of research to even find out it had a name!

    Q: How do you determine when it is activated.
    A: When you suddenly realize all is illusion. When you question your own existence. When every bumper sticker, person, animal, and street sign has a meaning. When you are nothing and everything. When you know the mysteries of the entire cosmos. Trust me, honey.... You'll know!

    Q: Could you feel rotation of the star tetrahedrons and how?
    A: Generally this is an intense icey/burning feeling that drips down your forehead. For me, this lasted about three months. During this time I could not eat or sleep. There was no time. There was no space... and, yet... everything was simultaneously. This is the effect of the 5th dimension. The 4th being time as it happens frame by frame and moment to moment. But the dimension above that sees it simultaneously.

    Q: Do you feel that your female tetrahedron affected by magnetic fields and male affected by electrical fields (in other words, do you feel your Merkaba interacts with static and magnetic fields)
    A: Absolutely! I had two very small magnets from the refrigerator, held them a good three feet apart, and I could feel them repelling one another. As for male and female... The realization is that of the "sacred marriage." What fallows is the desire to meet your own needs without the polarity and servitude of the opposite gender- also the intolerance of others expecting you to play that role. You become half of your mother, and half or our father. You become half male and half female. I speculate that the Baphomet, allegedly worshiped by the Freemasons is a depiction of this very understanding of the "Great Hermaphrodite."

    Q: Could you see something in case if you have extrasensory vision?
    A: I've been able to see aura's since the age of 17. I told a friend of mine "how I did this to myself" and he thought the idea was so brilliant that he muttered the words, also, and went bat sh** crazy. I will not tell anyone ever again. What I saw on him during his 3 months of not eating or sleeping was a small sun ball above his head. I could also see this on myself. You'll notice it in some of Alex Grey's paintings, funnily enough. I believe that this was the reason for the Sun Disk over the head of Isis and other Egyptian figures within that ancient culture. Alexander Pope's "Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind"... And countless other songs that say very telling things about the sun in relation to spirituality... I won't go into it.

    This can be a very traumatic experience. Basically, the merkaba is all of consciousness condensed and experienced by one, sol individual. Imagine all the pain and suffering from the beginning to the end of time. Is a lot of ugliness. I feel that it is necessary in order to truly develop a moral compass.

    So how did I find out it was Merkaba?

    I noticed, when it activated, that the three other people there were a Leo, Taurus, and Scorpio. Scorpio is also represented by an Eagle. This automatically stood out to me because of a verse in revelations about the four living creatures. The lion, the ox/calf, and the eagle... then, of course, the rider of the chariot... The "Son of Man." I read "The Other Bible" and in one of the texts of the Apocrypha was the word "Merkaba." From there I was able to start researching it online and I think there are a lot of wannabes out there trying to make a buck but they aren't really telling anyone how to activate this terrific and immensely terrifying energy...

    It is no surprise that the Merkaba is a 3d version of the Jewish star. You can rub all the crystals and do all the meditating you want but the Merkaba only happens when you realize the power of self sacrifice. (There's a little clue)

    Its been 5 years. It started just before my 23rd birthday. I'm about to be 28. I went from being a prostitute who lived with an extremely abusive drug addict who was 19 years older than me... To where I am today. A college graduate with a 3.6, business owner, healer, and owner of 10 acres that I am developing into a spiritual retreat. Oh, another thing that can happen when your merkaba activates is that someone you least suspect will tell you to join a certain order... later they will have no memory of telling you. Its a trip. I quit the mystery school after Liber 888... I just couldn't quite tell where it was taking me and I found infinity on my own. The mystics of old had no need of teachings. They didn't follow rules. The answer is love, humility, self sacrifice, and compassion. Its got nothing to do with anything else.

    Follow the "way of the fool" (the teachings of Christ)... Do not resist an evil man... If anyone asks you for anything, give it to him... Take in the homeless... Let the world bleed you dry... do it because you sincerely love others and expect nothing in return and you will see. This is the fastest path to enlightenment.

    You've got to be willing to give it all away. Everything. I promise you can't fall. Its just always darkest before... dawn. ;)

    "The sun wrapped me up in beams of rose light... I found god in myself and I loved her fiercely." -For Colored Girls
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    Sun, November 4, 2012 - 9:42 PM
    My name is Diana. I have been practicing the meditation since september this year, but just recently I accomplished it with 17 breaths. I started practicing this gradually, and asked my higher self to indicate me when I was ready or the next part. When I had to add the last 3 breaths that woud spin the merkaba I felt afraid and continued practicing only until the 14th breath for a while. I surrendered to my higher self and asked it to send me a signal when I was ready. When I got the signal I had no doubt that my question was answered. Then I started practicing the whole meditation. The first and second times I didn’t succced because I got distracted and interrupted the meditation. At the third it was very different. The meditation flowed in a very natural and effortless way.

    I got to the 14th breath and I felt really excited, at the start o the 15th breath I could see the thetraedrons starting to spin in opposite directions, soon I couldn’t see them anymore, but could feel a strong energy spinning very fast around me, my mind was free from thougth but I felt more excited because this was actually happening I was also feeling love. I had the physical sensation of a pulsation in the base of my spine and my legs (they were crossed like in yoga meditation) breath was feeling more agitated, al this occured just between the 15th and the 17th breath. At some point of the17th al this sensations gradually vanished and I felt stable. I stayed with my eyes closed after it ended and felt an impulse to sing the mantra with music I was using for the meditation. When it was over I had an undescribable feeling of love and joy. The next day the same experience occurred but it wasn’t as intense as the first. But it made me realize that the experience was real.
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      Thu, November 8, 2012 - 1:20 AM
      thanx for your answers; in all this 5 years i've found better ways to achieve spirutual evolution, without using merkaba. Now i see it's just one of possible ways, with its pro and cons. Way i've chosen is learning to control second body and building own astral stable "isle", this way is a bit safer because active merkaba is great strength, and it's very easy to harm self and others if one can't control his creation ability well.
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    Thu, November 8, 2012 - 9:35 PM
    An update, I am having diferent effects than when I first completed the meditation.

    -How do you determine when it's activated? I am not sure, I can't feel the spinning energy around me anymore and the pulsating energy when I meditate, It only happened the first 2 times and it was really strong. Does someone know why is this happening?

    But Instead of feeling the spinning energy during the meditation now I have some different effects. My spiritual process is speeding up (it had been stuck for a while). After the first time I did the complete meditation I started to feel sudden waves of love and expansion, Sometimes they happened during the meditation, when it was over or at random moments of the day. Another random feeling was that I could feel more connected with people.

    I feel energy in the third eye area and on the top of my head (it's intensity varies). I can hear my intuition more clearly, time feels as if it was slowing down and sometimes I have sudden mood changes. This other effects make me think it could still be activated but I am not sure.

    -Do you feel that your female tetrahedron affected by magnetic fields and male affected by electrical fields (in other words, do you feel your MerKaBa interacts with static and magnetic fields) ? I think it is affecting my radio, and sometimes my computer screen, does that make sense?

    -Could you see something in case if you have extrasensoric vision? when I meditate the room is dark and my eyes closed. And with my eyes closed I see violet electric light, sometimes a yellow light is there too and they spin, one next to the other.
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    Thu, January 31, 2013 - 9:05 PM
    The MERKABA is already alive and actvated independent of your persona perception and understanding of its meaning and existence. YOU are the one who needs to be ACTIVATED! You are the one who needs to open up to its reality and to the universe it represents. So pick one up and experience the merkaba on a persoanal level. You can find them on-line, but its better to actually touch and feel the merkaba itself. They are often cut from crystals and gemstones as pendulums, pendents, or free standing merkaba specimens. Gop to a rock shop or metaphyicao store and see if them have one and get started. If you happen to be in New York City, or if you are planning a visit, you can find MERKABA at ROCK STAR CRYSTALS along with thousands of other healing cyrstals and metaphysical items cut from gemstones like angels, hearts, vogels, pyrmaids, crystal skulls, and crystal balls. They can be reaced at 212 675 3065 or go to
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      Tue, March 26, 2013 - 7:52 PM
      I am really cautious about prefacing this with saying that this is just some personal stuff related to my own experience with MerKaBa.
      Using FOL Vol 2 technique.

      - Love is important for this. It's in the book, but this so true. Challenging sometimes.
      -Sand on a beach is ideal for meditating. It conducts the energy and amplifies it.
      -Earth of any kind is better than indoor meditation. This is absolutely true with MerKaBa.
      -A belief in a Unity of all existence is important. Drunvalo says that a belief in God is important.
      I translate this personally as being the totality of existence, incorporeal, and un dogmatic, and completely unified.
      The energy is very much Male and Female, and even relates to an understanding of God that I had
      in an 'augmented' outdoor mystical experience as being this very Yin and Yang kind of impersonal energy that encompasses everything.

      Basically, a gnostic kind of understanding of All That Is, kind of pantheistic, but that is maybe easier to just call God, even if you are a polytheist, or believe in archetypes as I happen to, or maybe even if the term God is proprietary often times and a hassle sometimes or an affront to your more pagan or even humanistic sensibilities. I have always found humanism to be a good litmus test of any validity to a spiritual belief, and MerKaBa speaks to that too.
      -MerKaBa is not Scientology or NLP and transcends both. But there is a term from Scientology that is relevant to MerKaBa. That is the 'awareness of awareness unit'. Basically your higher self, sans the baggage, etc. MerKaBa helps connect to this higher self and requires a connection to your higher self.
      -Every time I do MerKaBa meditation outdoors the energy is purple and white. The white is a vibrant kind of white and is very other-worldly in (to be kind of cheesy, kind of like something from the Matrix, to describe to someone who is maybe not very spiritual).
      -I relate to other people who have programmed their MerKaBas to positive intention. One of the great challenges of MerKaBa is that it requires transparency with oneself and reveals areas in need change and positively accelerates changes by giving viewpoints that I never would have gained otherwise, even being a relatively intelligent and sensitive person usually. The positive side of this is that if you just focus on Love as much as possible and don't worry about the things that concern you, but just believe them and live them into positive existence the results follow.
      -Sacred geometry can and does create dramatic paradigm shifts that may actually create rifts between irreconcilable energies, or even false self representations, reactionary aspects of oneself, and negative energy, entities, behavioral patterns etc. It is requiring of continual evolution and daily rebirth along the Path. A true MerKaBa helps better myself.
      -I almost think Learys set and setting guidelines are important to MerKaBa, even though it is nothing like a drug, because it can and had lent itself to higher levels of openness which can translate to suggestibility and increased energetic sensitivity. Then again, it is also human nature to prefer being around people and energies that are harmonious also.
      - I have been back on the path recently in a new way, or renewed and amplified way. Embodying the fearless Love of life and broader perspective with in myself that was revived when I first began integrating this into my eclectic spiritual path. I have also introduced another activated geometry to my body of light called the TwinStar.
      -The notion of the Third Way, as a possible Integrated way in FoL 2 has a special resonance for me as I understand it, so I often visualize the glyph of the eyes coming together behind the FOL. This symbolizes an aspect of Tikkun Olam on a mystical level to me . Other people might say this is trivial or silly, but there is something there for me. I think a larger aspect of this concept relates to nanotechnology and transhumanism. It also relates to the Western Mystery tradition which I am interested in
      -I am vegetarian and I love animals and nature. The MerKaBa has increased this appreciation for me.
      • Re: merkaba activation expirience

        Sat, August 31, 2013 - 5:48 PM
        Hi everyone, one night I was just trying to sleep and I couldn't so I went to read a book, but something in my eyes didn't let me, then I went back to sleep and in the darkness I began to see a light a green almost white light, then I began to see many geometrical forms rotating around me, I was fascinated it was something really beautiful and I felt so peaceful, I was sure no one at home could see it but I did, I didn't know that merkaba exists, so when this thing ends I went to my computer and the unique thing came to my head was spiritual awakening so I searched for it on the Internet. I found so many things about it and I found the concept of merkaba, I was amazed that the thing I really saw was something that really exists and the pictures were so similar to what I saw that I was amazed with the coincidence. Please can someone tell me why I saw this. Thank you very much.

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